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  • New Product - Cute & Sustainable Backpacks by Duck Duck Books

    I met the owner of Duck Duck Books at an event recently, I fell in love with these adorable backpacks! I added them to our store as a fun, new product - just in time for spring and summer outings! Details are in listed in the product description.

  • Swim Diapers by Bambo Nature - Now Available!

    Just in time for swim lessons, spring vacations and summer swimming! Each package has 12 swim diapers. These can be added to your bio bag! You will find size small (15-26lbs) and medum (26+lbs) on our product list under both diapes and swim diapers. One of our BDS Moms is a swim school instructor. Her swim diaper tip is to use a disposable swim diaper under a reusable swim diaper to keep the solids contained. We also carry thirsties reusable swim diapers.

  • Refer a Friend, Earn Free Diapers - for you and for them!

    Thanks to YOU we are making a difference one diaper at a time! We love partnering with you! Refer a friend - once they sign up and pay for their service - you will each receive one FREE package of diapers! One for you, One for them! Ask them to let us know you referred them to BDS! There is no limit to how many free packages of diapers you can earn. Each new customer can credit one current BDS family for the referral. Thank you!

  • We Service Daycares!

    Would you like your daycare to offer Nest diapers and our Waste to Energy service? We would love to connect with any child care centers who might be interested in learning more about our service!

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